Observations of a Proud Southern White Man #4


I will ask your forgiveness in advance as I plan to detour from my normal practice of commenting on three to four topics and only comment on one that has been on my heart for some time. So without further ado, let me start with what my late grandfather would call “Fighting Words”, or what you civilized folk would call an Accusation…

The current perverted assault on this country’s next generation of children by the morally bankrupt and Godless transgender “community” is part and parcel of the fact that so-called “Conservative America” (including the so-called Christian Right) allowed Homosexuality to be normalized, accepted and spread in mainstream American society.

Think back seven years to 2015. Nothing says “Gays are Normal” like a ruling handed down from SCOTUS making Gay Marriage Legal in all 50 States.



Point blank, Republicans and Normie Conservatism has and continues to FAIL.

For more proof of the GOP’s current sedition, just tune into one of their popular sellout pundits like Steven Crowder as he talks with an anonymous gay man about the so-called “Dark Side of the LGBT Community.”

Hold your nose for this one, it’s STINKS.



So just to be clear what I am saying: When the GOP and the majority of American Christianity decided to allow sodomy, perversion and deviant lifestyles to be NORMALIZED all in the name of “tolerance and understanding” (and oh yeah, votes) the proverbial gate was swung wide open for nothing short of a full blown carefully crafted and marketed campaign of sexualization and grooming of children with events such as: Tranny Dance Parties, Tranny Reading Hour at the Local Public Library (that your tax dollars help build and fund no less), Tranny Bingo at the Local First Christian ‘Church'(that term is used way too loosely with these people) and to top it all off: Pubertal Blockers for Transgender and “Gender Diverse” youth as young as seven years old.

But the fall-out of accepting these Sodomites with open arms is not only costing us an entire generation of our children, it’s also at the same time ensured the largest pandemic of STD’s on record to include a disease called Monkeypox.  Not to mention putting this country’s National Security at risk as these mentally deranged people are populating the ranks of our Military and Government and committing Treason.

Instead of ‘Gender Fluid’ lectures it’s high time we brought back the Ten Commandments and Biblical teaching in public schools and taught kids what God really thinks of Sodomites (aka the LGBT Community) starting with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.



As if all of this was not enough the current Clown World administration is also running an ongoing campaign to demonize anything remotely associated with WHITE, Conservative culture while all the while black-on-white crime in the U.S. is at an all time high and illegal immigrant crime is at pandemic proportions thanks to the biden regime.


The impostor-in-chief has time and time again made accusations and threats against white folks who hold a conservative viewpoint, with his most recent being that MAGA followers are “domestic terrorist”, which no doubt fueled the cold blooded murder of a eighteen year old boy who was run down by a deranged leftist who was then released on $50K bail.


Again and again we are told that the rampant gun violence in America is to be laid at the feet of white “privileged” males rather than at the feet of militant black males who statistically are doing all of the shooting. Meanwhile social media is inundated with videos of overt Black on White Violence and Black Crime yet the ‘outrage’ from the lame stream media is nowhere to be found nor heard.

So I ask you: is it any wonder why the majority of White American’s are fed up with the utter failure and duplicity of the GOP and turning to the Dissident/Alt-Right?


If you are a student of history then you understand the cyclical nature of politics. Anytime there is a surge of liberal/socialist idealism that brings with it the so-called “crime and immigration reform” which is a gentle euphemism for open border anarchy, loose morals and multi-culturalism hypocrisy, the far-right will always show up to hold up the standard.

If you want Change, you have to be prepared to fight for it.

If you want something different in your life, You have to be prepared to do things differently to obtain them. Maintaining the status quo is obviously not going to cut it anymore.

I don’t know about you, but at this stage in my life I am thinking more about LEGACY (my kids and grand-kids future) than the 30 to 40 odd years I may have left down here.

 Stand up to the Rising of the Tide.