The Life of South Texas Border Ranchers

Life For Border Ranchers: Assaulted, Dogs Beaten, Fences Destroyed, Dead Bodies


I have a good friend who works for a very large Hunting ranch along the border in South Texas.

In the last five years alone he has been involved in three shootouts with smugglers, an attempted stabbing, arson and vandalism (the drug smugglers burned down three of his deer stands and stole five of his feeders and game cameras) terroristic threats (the smugglers call the ranch and in broken English threaten to kill and behead his family).

If this sounds like a WAR it’s because it is a WAR!

An orchestrated WAR on American Citizens being aided and condoned by the Government Gangsters in Washington D.C.

I have to laugh when people tell my friend to just Move Away!

Why should HE have to move?

THEY (the drug and human smugglers) are the INVADING SPECIES!

Stay Armed and Prepare Accordingly