South Africa has become a gangster state: Model for the upcoming world?

South Africa is ruled by a racist communist Party, and is rapidly devolving back to the pre-modern era. South Africa cannot sustain a society that exhibits modernity and upholds the enlightenment and democracy.

The left refuse to deal with race or IQ honestly.

They refuse to see what is happening is South Africa.

They don’t want to know.


Additional survival tricks

South Africa has become a gangster state: Model for the New World?ByBrian Pottinger.

During his 1999-2008 form, [theformerSouth African president Thabo Mbeki] … introduced a state-sanctioned system ofrace-based extortion of wealth and opportunity under the guise of black empowerment, ushered in a new era of political cronyism, and gave rise to a new and truly avaricious economic elite, a multi-tentacled screen of parasites through which little national wealth percolates to the masses.

InThe Mbeki Legacy, I labelled Mbeki a de-moderniser, for the simple reason that through ideological misdirection, he severely weakened the country’s institutional capacity, something the entirely malignant former president Jacob Zuma later took full advantage of to create his gangster state. …

The state is shriveling due to incompetence and corruption. Private organizations are rising to take its place:

President Ramaphosa, once hailed as the modernising saviour…

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