Texas News: 17-Year-Old Girl Escapes Black Pimp Who Held Her Captive Over a Year

17-Year-Old White Girl Escapes Black Pimp Who Held Her Captive Over a Year… Pimp Gets 59 Years…


I don’t know all the details here, but in the beginning of this video before the stomping and slapping begins, the relationship appeared fairly consensual to me. Bottom line is in a majority of these cases these young white girls willingly begin having sex with these POS black pimps and then it escalates into trafficking.

If this thing began when the girl was 16, it begs the question, WHERE WERE THE PARENTS?

This shows just one of the many ways the dissolution of the White Family is being exploited.

White women are being exploited and murdered by Black Men at a staggering rate in FUSA.

I really wish this solid gold black POS could have been shot resisting arrest instead of a 59 year tax-payer funded vacation where he will most likely be paroled after a short time and go right back to grooming young white women.