Texas News: Black on Black Mass Shooting At Concert Leaves 1 Dead and 11 Injured in Dallas

1 Killed, at Least 16 Injured in Mass Shooting at Dallas Concert Venue


Another Full Blown Chimp-Out has occurred in Dallas.

While the MSM was hoping you would forget about the last Black on Black Shooting in Sacramento, another one occurred in Dallas.

From the promotional flyer below it looks like it was your standard issue gathering of ghetto chimp felon’s from every shithole in America.


Dindu’s have a tendency to start killing each other anytime they gather in public in large groups it seems.


Remember “HOOD-NIC” the Arkansas Car Show last month where 1 person was killed and a whopping 27 wounded?

Vdare offers some good advice in navigating the latest rash of Chimp Outs:

So here’s a handy rule of thumb when you hear about the next mass shooting and find the press being coy about who did it and why: If the shooters exhibit bad aim (substantially worse than 1 killed for every 3 wounded) then they are Black gangsters settling a score. If they exhibit passable aim (around one fatality for each wounded survivor, or perhaps a little worse) then they are “Irish” [This a joke, he means Muslims.] “freedom fighters” who have likely pledged allegiance to the “Irish State.” Unless the victims are cops; then a perpetrator with passable aim will likely be a Black man with military training (see Dallas and Baton Rouge).

Arm Up, Stay Away from Crowds and Prepare Accordingly.