Another Black Mass Shooting?

1 Dead and 27 Wounded in Shooting at an Arkansas Car Show


All of the MSM are of course being racially ambiguous about the shooter and victims but let me give you a few clues:

1. It’s outside Little Rock in ARKANSAS and the event was called “HOOD-nic” as in a PIC-nic but with the word “HOOD” as in a Ghetto Hood.

2. It also said that an R&B Band and Rappers performed, so not exactly an event for non-cucked white people.

3. You can also tell the skin color of all the people of the “Victims” in the below picture.

4. 27 People Wounded but only 1 Killed? Yeah it had to be a Black Shooter. Just look at the past statistics. Black People cannot Shoot for Shit.

Don’t be fooled by the current false narrative that White’s are the most hateful and violent race in America folks.

The Headlines and Statistics Just Don’t Add Up.