Poem: Catharsis

Nothing like some Seax Prose first thing in the Morning.
Smells Like…Victory.

The Serpent's Loft

in the beckoning twilight I find the darkness

lax and lazy, complacent, satisfied

loose it reigns, a careless abandon

and I laugh, I laugh and cry

how I found God in a khlysti sermon

so soft and weak, so pale like moonlight

dough between my fingers

a pampered darkness scarcely bleak

gone and away the weight from my chest

the laughing, cawing turns to me

I see myself in me

every vein a hissing snake roaring

shrieking backwards up Yggdrasil’s spine

where there the stellar serpent lies

Nidhogg, swallower of all

keeper of all that dies

sweet dragon of my brood

and there I feel between my hands

there i feel the neck that hollers

pleading, bleeding into me

but i can squeeze now

fingers writhe and palpate

tender embrace of hate

gentle as the silent dawn

killing night with kindness

no more enthralled

the darkness held underneath my knees

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