When Men Were Men: Tom Crean

Tom Crean


Tom Crean was a gigantic Irish farmboy that was built like a concrete machine gun bunker, and whose primary talents generally involved his ability to drink, fight, and carry insanely heavy objects over ridiculously long distances without complaining too much about it.  He enlisted in the Royal Navy at the age of 15 as a “Boy, Second Class”, served 27 years in some of the most brutal environments on the planet, performed heroic and unbelievable feats of human strength and endurance, survived weeks and months in some of the most ferocious, unforgiving environments on Earth, received a chest full of medals for heroism, exploration, and scientific discovery, and participated in nearly every major expedition from the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration.

Then he came home and never talked about any of it.

He’s basically everyone’s Badass Grandpa who went out into the world with nothing but whatever bullshit he had in his pockets, did some Man Shit with his life, and then came home, met a nice girl, and never talked about any of the insane things he’d done with his life.