FUSA Bulletin: More Backwards American Racial Hypocrisy and Fantasy

Arbery killers convicted of federal hate crimes in his death


Things like this should bother American white people WAY more than what Putin or Trudeau is doing. Why?

In the words of the Swamp Fox Francis Marion:

“Always concern yourself with the tyrant 100 miles away rather than the one 2,000 miles away.”

We have a Government that is more willing to convict three white men of murder and so-called “hate crimes” for defending their family and community than they are of Black Thugs (out on bail) killing white people for sport?

Hate crime is and will remain legal window dressing for the anti-white establishment obsessed with stamping out the fantasy of “systemic racism.”

The premise of a Hate Crime is asinine to begin with: Prosecuting a person’s STATE OF MIND during the commission of a REAL crime?

I think Orwell called that “Thought Crime” in his novel 1984.

It was fantasy when it was written in 1949 and is fantasy now.

Mark my words, If you are White, Vigilantism will soon become the rule and not the exception in this Society if you expect to Survive, because it’s obvious the STATE is not interested in you.

YOU are the enemy.

Prepare Accordingly.