Army Sniper School Fail

So we got young men armed with a M4 with iron sights that cannot shoot a group of less than 4cm at 25 meters? (Thats 1.5 inches at 27 yards btw)

Another sad, sad sign that our Military is in the SHITTER folks. 💩 🤮


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The United States Army Sniper Course just reported that they have a high failure rate due to #Soldiers not being able to pass the Army’s zero procedure of 6 MOA (4cm at 25m) to standard. This is a disheartening but honest reflection of current Soldier ability with small arms. Nobody can address a problem they refuse to acknowledge. Kudos to the United States Army Sniper Course for doing the right thing and being public about it.
From the United States Army Sniper Course:

Before you stands the bags of 15 students that failed group-in. The one event at the USASC that delivers the largest amount of failures is the 25-meter group-in. This event consists of firing an M4 Carbine with iron sights at 25 meters. We shoot the Army’s standard M4 zero targets and we require that the impacts are within 4 centimeters [6 MOA, which is the minimum…

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