Texas News: Black Judge Reduces Bail Three Times on POS Sex Trafficking Black Pimp and SURPRISE! Now He’s MIA

WANTED: Pimp skips out on 40-year sentence for sex trafficking teen after his bond was reduced, DA says


Clearly a case of “brother doing another brother a favor” Sheeeeeet!

As long as black Judges like this are on the bench, who needs bought off Soros DA’s?

One look at this Judges record and Picture and it all becomes clear.

This is the last and final step on how Black Crime perpetuates itself.

It’s sad to say but Houston, one of our largest cities storied in rich TX history (It is the namesake of Sam Houston) has now become a crime ridden open sewer close to being on the same level as Chicago or Detroit, in large part due to cucked white liberals and blacks being elected to every possible civic, legislative and judicial office.