Fuels for your alcohol-burner (SHTF stoves 2/2)

Part 1 Can be found HERE


3rd-Wave Housewifery

Why dwell on fuel?

No fuel = No coffee. It’s as simple as that. If you inherited a terrific Butane stove, say, with an amazing BTU output but now can’t find the quirky canisters needed to fire it up…No Coffee for You! So, as I noted in Part 1, “Stoves for SHTF,” my highest recommendation for the Total-Camp-Stove-Novice is an Alcohol-burner. This post will illustrate why. (I forgot to link to my inexpensive “Alocs” in the first part; it performed just as well as the Trangia®, and many knockoffs come with a tiny pot-stand.)

I did note in Part 1, that if you have little or no cookware and/or are moving into the “minimalist lifestyle,” consider purchasing your burner as part of a full Trangia® kit (which nests compactly for backpacking into a small mixing-bowl sized package). It’s kind of expensive, so keep reading and see the awesome alternative:…

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