Lighting The Candle

Lighting The Candle


What is it like to be oppressed in your own land? To be brutally hunted down by incensed attackers, fueled by a constant stream of lies and manipulations by a malicious ruling elite? To have nights of innocence and tradition desecrated by an absolutely barbaric act, which maniacally and gleefully takes the lives of our neighbors, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, and more? To feel the gut-wrenching loss and eventual anger that comes with a rape of all we hold sacred? To be gaslighted by a powerful media complex, to be told that this attack did not occur out of any deeper animus, despite mass evidence to the contrary?

These questions have never been mere thought experiments. We have all wrestled with answers to these problematics in the past twenty-four hours and for much of our conscious lives. We have all felt the deadening numbness of a crisis, followed by a desire to find justice for those slain. We are familiar with this feeling, which is not limited solely to the events of the past day. We live under constant fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, inflicted for centuries by an oppressive power structure and ruling elite. For some, we are not even shocked by such tragedy. It is simply the logical result of wide-scale racial, psychological, and cultural training that has targeted our people for far too long.

We grieve for the lives lost in Waukesha, and for those irreparably scarred by witnessing the brutal events firsthand. We grieve for the ripple effects across families, who must now explain the death or injury of loved ones to those too innocent to ever understand the reasons why. We grieve for the harm to the Waukesha community, which will always wrestle with the insecurity and post-traumatic stress of such a violent attack on their placid town. We grieve for a race that will no longer enjoy its right to be childlike and merry, due to the eradicative goals of our ruling elite. For these reasons, we light a candle in remembrance. We will never forget.

But we must do more than simply remember and recount. It is our duty as dissidents to uncover and disseminate the true events of the night, and the actual motives for this cruel, nihilistic, resentful, and hateful attack on our people. We must not let this event be lost to the minutiae of the current moment, and to simply log it in an ongoing catalogue of atrocities against us. We must press this weak Achilles’ heel in the declining political situation of this country. We must discredit the damningly poor official narratives emerging from this crisis, that seek to contain and redirect the growing political dissent in this country. We must move past cynicism and jadedness, and renew our motivated inspiration to recover sovereignty and political right for our people. In the light of terrible, horrific tragedy, we must find a vigorous vitality within ourselves to bind together and cause political change for ourselves and our children.

God bless all of those effected by the events of Waukesha, Wisconsin.