Texas News: Texas Serial Killer Chemirmir Charged with 11 More Murders

Dallas man previously arrested in death of 81-year-old charged with killing 11 more elderly women


Ann Corcoran over at Frauds, Crooks and Criminals has been following this case for years and has put together some great articles.

This black Nigerian murdering POS whose immigration status is murky to say the least (so much for Diversity and Multiculturalism) is on par to be one of the WORST serial killers of seniors in American History next to Andrew Cuomo.

To top things off this murdering POS has secured the services of Defense Attorney Phillip Wayne Hayes who just recently represented the Texas Nurse William Davis found guilty of murdering four patients by injecting air into their arteries and sentenced to Death. 

Just to show you the type of scum bag this attorney Hayes is, he was also recently arrested for Soliciting Prostitution in Dallas from a known Human Trafficking site!

You know it’s getting Bad when the Criminals and the Lawyers defending them are being charged with crimes in the same court rooms!