Refusal: The Founding Concept of Guerilla Warfare

Two insidents occurred yesterday that underscore one of the fundamental tenets of Guerilla Warfare: REFUSAL.

Fellow blogger EatGruelDog had a great comment on this incident, stating:

“Do you get it? A small group overpowered the bus taking them to their confinement and escaped. Why? First off, because they were willing to. Those in power will do whatever they can only as long as they are allowed to. When everyone reacts the way the Haitians did the system has a problem. But people have to be willing to act and to act in such a manner that they achieve their set goal. Yes. surprise helped, but without the spur to action, the surprise meant nothing. Look what BLM has accomplished. It is certainly a Hell of a lot more than our side has. And why? They are willing to act, to get into the streets and force change whether the authorities like it or not. Our time is near to coming and we must show the same willingness or be done for.”

Folks, we need to understand that when the situation is DIRE, you have to be prepared to do DIRE things!

Unity and Singleness of Purpose are Fundmental in a struggle like this and it is clear the Left have grasped this fact better than we have.

We must be pro-active in our REFUSAL and ACT!

Allowing the enemy time to dictate the cadence of the conflict is a mistake.

We cannot continue to be a REACTIONARY force and expect to gain any ground.

Taken from an Essay I did way back in 2014 titled A CO’s Synopsis on Guerilla Warfare.

Michael Collins, a founding member of the IRA stated the following precepts:

  • The Guerilla’s first and primary weapon is REFUSAL.

  • The Guerilla is an Invisible Army. His uniform is that of the common man on the street. He can come out of a crowd, strike the enemy, then vanish back into it.

  • Always strike the enemy ON YOUR OWN TERMS.