Black-Hearted Devils – Honoring the 82nd Airborne/504th PIR

Black-Hearted Devils



In case you cannot read the small print in the above picture, here it is:

“American parachutists, devils in baggy pants, are less than 100 meters from my outpost line. I can’t sleep at night; they pop up from nowhere and we never know when or how they will strike next. Seems like the black-hearted devils are everywhere.”

Here is a link to the amazing WW2 STORY from where this quote is taken.

I wanted to take a minute and honor the unit that my friend Jim served in over at Patrol Base, the 82nd Airborne/504th PIR.

Talk about a group of hard chargers! Next to the Marines, I would be proud to wade into the shit with these guys any day of the week!