Book Review: Dogs of the Oligarchs, F.C. Fox

Brandon Brooks — once a run-of-the-mill corporate salesman — starts noticing that the United States’ government and the mega-corporations are partners in graft and corruption. As he dives deeper into his research, he becomes embroiled in an assassination plot and teams up with the unlikeliest group (from Antarctica) in a desperate plan to overthrow the ‘system’ itself.


I have a confession.

I have been falling behind on my fiction reading and it really pisses me off. Why?

Charles Kuralt once said:

“I believe writing is derivative. Good writing comes from Good Reading.”

Hence, to be a good writer you need to READ good writers.

So I made up my mind when Summer started (for all you folks without kids that is when school let’s out) that I would make it a point to read at minimum a novel a month if it was of reasonable length. Hey, I am not a speed reader folks, I like to go back and re-read sentences to absorb them.

So I thought to myself what better way to Start off the summer than to read one of my fellow Texas writers and friends, F.C. Fox. Not wanting to be biased I walked over to my collection of Fox novels, closed my eyes and pointed. (Now in all fairness I removed Contact Trace from this collection, you can read that Review HERE.)

My finger landed on Dogs of the Oligarchs.

Oh boy, what a ride this was!

OK, so as you may or may not know my buddy F.C. is not your run of the mill writer.

His writing tends to be more “philosophical” in a sense that he often blends reality into his fiction in a way that both educates and entertains. In short, this guy is wicked smart, and knows quite a bit about the things he talks about (unlike some writers who do cursory research and then try to “fake it”).

That being said, Dogs of the Oligarchs is a novel that blends conspiracy theory with modern societal woes in a way that is entertaining. Let me put it like this, when I first started reading I pictured myself as Mel Gibson’s character Jerry Fletcher in the movie “Conspiracy Theory”, by the time you reach the half way mark you feel like you are knee deep in a Jules Verne adventure novel. Yeah, how’s that for entertaining?

Do yourself a favor and go pick up Dogs of the Oligarchs and all the other F.C. Fox novels.

They can be found and purchased on his Blog, Open Air Insane Asylum.