Combative Strikes


These are some very old Kelly McCann clips but are still IMO some of the best out there regarding realistic Combative strikes that work.

*Use these strikes in your CQ empty-hand/stick/knife/gun training as a way to quickly “create distance” between you and the BG so you can draw your weapon. Always stay open to the ideal of using any quick, violent combative strike to accomplish this.

In Combative self-defense training no matter if it is empty-hand, stick, knife or firearm, you must always train first and foremost to FINISH the fight and/or END your Opponent. This is not going to be done with one punch, (typically) so to stay realistic. We need to train to deliver multiple, violent strikes quickly and effectively. Remember the words of Bruce Lee:

“A fight is not won by one punch or kick. Either learn to endure or hire a bodyguard.”

Kelly Mccann, in his excellent book, Combatives for Street Survival talks about this method of delivering multiple, violent strikes that are varied between HIGH and LOW line (above the waist and below the waist) as CYCLING. For example, beginning with a Throat Strike, the next strike might be followed up with a low-line kick to the nuts or maybe a Shin Rake or Foot Stomp, whatever, the point being, DON’T STOP until the opponent is down and no longer poses a threat.

If you don’t remember anything from today’s lesson, remember this:

In self-defense situations (don’t call it a fight because that implies competition) start your attack FULL BLAST and then if needed, “scale back” your degree of force.

This is better than having to “add to” your degree of force once the attack has begun.

Momentum and Initiative are everything in combat; once you have it you need to keep it at all cost. Think of it in terms of a car race: You stand a much better chance of winning if you punch the gas off of the starting line versus starting off slow and then trying to catch up….you lost the initiative and surrendered your momentum even before the race began! 

Colonel John Boyd (USAF) famously said in talking about the OODA Loop, that ACTION will always trump REACTION. Once you have surrendered the initiative and momentum of the fight, your enemy, by virtue of your incompetence, has now interrupted your OODA loop instead of the other way around.

Stay Armed, Alert and Dangerous!