Don’t Get Boxed In!

In a previous post on the Grant Park Assault I talked about not letting these ANTIFA/BLM goons “box you in” and “corral” you into a losing situation.

The best way to do this is to avoid crowds and demonstrations where the primary focus of these goons is to get you arrested and/or harassed by the cops.

The below video is a prime example of a well meaning, but nieve Patriot getting placed into a NO WIN situation by a group of marxist thugs.

The guy felt in fear for his life, drew his weapon and then the Cops treat him like the criminal.

With the current trend of Police Shootings this could have turned REALLY BAD, REALLY FAST and the OPTICS were already set for the Patriot to be viewed (and treated) as the “Criminal”.

My best advice is to STEER CLEAR of circus environments like the one shown below, it is a NO WIN situation.

You are not going to accomplish anything except getting arrested and/or harassed (and possibly shot and killed) by the cops.

Best case scenario is we draw these communist bastards onto the battlefield of our choosing and then the fun can begin.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!