Netflix Panders to Anti-White Rhetoric with The “White Tiger”

Billed as the “Anti-Slumdog Millionaire” The White Tiger starts off innocently enough as a poor kid trying to work his way out of the gutter that is India but soon takes a nose dive into a mish mash of SJW cultural commentary about that subject all people of color love to talk about:  “Inequality”, first with the caste system of India (where there are only two classes: People with small bellies and people with big bellies) and then the “Worldwide” problem, which is much more opaque, but interestingly enough Socialism is touted as the Political answer more than once.

Near the end of the film when all the witty subterfuge is done away with (and after the servant murders his rich master and steals his money to start a Driver service which makes him a “entrepreneur”) the writer/main character makes his REAL agenda clear:

“White People are on their way out you know, they will be finished within a lifetime. It’s the century of the brown and yellow man and God save everybody else.”

We can’t be surprised that Netflix would put out multi-culturalist/Social Justice garbage like this but I find it telling that the liberal movie makers, both in Hollywood and India, are no longer trying to hide their anti-white sentiments and agendas. They have removed the gloves and decided to double-down.

It is high time for White People to do the same.

Stand Up to the Rising Tide of Racial Marxism and NEVER apologize for being White.