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Michael Quinn Sullivan

Thursday, January14, 2021

  • Texas GOP chairman Allen West issued a blistering statement against the Democrats’ impeachment of President Trump. Joshua Hendrickson has the details.
  • “The second attempt to impeach President Trump shows that Democrats would rather play vindictive politics instead of engaging in the business of the American people. Vilifying their opponents as neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and Uncle Toms will only deepenmistrustand division in this country.”Lt. Col. Allen West

  • On the first full day of the legislative sessionyesterday,the Texas House did not address executive overreach during the pandemic, out-of-control property taxes, or the budget shortfall. Instead, the House voted unanimously to create a new honorary position in their chamber.
  • Previously, the longest-serving member of the House – regardless of gender – was designated as the “dean” of the chamber. Now, they will have two deans:…

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