Traitors and Oath Breakers Beware!


No other saying from our Founding Father’s insurgency playbook gets my blood a pumpin’ like this one from Thomas Jefferson.

It reminds me that our Founding Fathers were Honorable men of action and not a bunch of Godless prancing fags sitting around in wigs sipping tea playing Bridge as some liberal writers of Public school textbooks would have you believe.

Accordingly, I think if they were alive today to see the embarrassing events of the last week of this so-called “election” play out they would amend this saying by Jefferson with the following addition:

“The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots, Traitors and Tyrants.”

Every person that took part in this election fraud, from the TOP to the BOTTOM, is a TRAITOR and OATH BREAKER to the American people and should be punished as such.

Why an Oath Breaker you may ask?

Because just like People who hold any Elected Office, Election officials at both the Local and State level must take an OATH OF OFFICE before entering in to that job.

Call me Old Fashioned but I still believe Oaths like this mean something and people should be held accountable for breaking it.

The further society falls from decency and order, the more we should seek to hold elected officials to the CONSTITUTIONAL OATHS in which they took.

Make no Mistake, there will be a RECKONING for the wrongs that have been done in this election, both on Earth and in Heaven.

Traitors and Oath Breakers will be punished, one way or another, and TRUTH will Continue to March On.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!