County-Comm Gear Review (9/2020)


My good friends over at CountyComm were nice enough (once again) to send me a few items for testing and review.

I strongly urge all of you to visit their site TODAY and gear up.

Things are getting worse by the minute out their in every area, whether it be nature, weather, society or geo-politics, there is no better time to PREPARE FOR THE WORSE than right now!

As the old saying goes “Industry need not wish and he that lives upon hope shall die fasting!”

Domed Strobe AA Light By Maratac™


One of the things I tell folks all the time in being prepared with an assortment of battery powered and rechargeable flashlights is to have a few that can be used as table lamps. During Hurricane Laura a few weeks ago we were without Power for around 36 hours and although we had a generator for our basic needs (deep freeze, fridge, Window A/C Unit, Internet Router) we found we could use a few of these domed strobes as table lamps and basically light the living room and bathroom area without having to use regular electrical lamps. Like all Maratac lights, this one packs a TON of power from one AA Battery! This model also has the STROBE feature which is always a handy tool to have either for emergency signaling or to use to disorientate in a self-defense scenario.


Ultra V2 18650 Extreme Rechargeable LED Flashlight by Maratac

I have been a dedicated fan of rechargeable lights ever since Hurricane Ike back in 2008. My TX homestead was without power for 24 days and water for 17. At that time the majority of my flashlights were battery powered and I only had a couple of rechargeable lights. Because of the duration of time of being without power and my low supply of batteries (that will NEVER happen again!) I found myself depending almost entirely on my rechargeable’s for the sole fact I could recharge them via a 12V car battery or the USB port on my computer.

I am a certified flashlight junkie and I will tell you guys straight: This light is a beast.

Any light that can produce over a THOUSAND lumens for almost 2 hours (turbo mode) is no lightweight! Add to that a beam throw that is over 300 yards and you have yourself a bonafide all around flashlight for any situation!

The only thing I would add is purchasing an inexpensive wall-plug to go with the USB cord to give yourself the option of charging at the wall versus charging on a laptop or other device.

I have also suggested to the R/D Dept. that they include a 12V Cig Lighter Charging cable in the future!


2 Pack – Wound Seal Kit + NSN / USA Made!

Keeping your first-aid and trauma kit’s well stocked and up-to-date is a given these days and having a a few QUALITY wound-seal kits is a MUST.  H&H Medical is a top tier manufacturer of QUALITY medical items for civilian, LEO and military so rest assured you are not using some cheap flimsy crap that will not work when you need it too! Understand as the above video discloses, this is a wound seal kit for use from NAVEL TO CHIN, or to put it another way, this item is applicable to ANY gunshot or knife/puncture wound to the center of mass.


SWAT-T – ( 3 In 1 )

Having a quality tourniquet in your trauma kit is a no-brainer.

Having the knowledge of WHEN and HOW to properly use one is FUNDAMENTAL in this day and age!

As a well seasoned firearm trainer once said: “If you are going to carry a gun for self-defense, also carry the items to survive a gunshot!” 

Those items include Quickclot Trauma Kit, a Quality Wound Seal Kit and a SWAT T.

Get yours today!


Pry.Me Bottle Opener + Keyring ( Proudly U.S.A. Made! )

There is no more important piece of kit for the civilian operator/prepper than a quality bottle opener!

I was intrigued when I first saw this thing and downright IMPRESSED after I used it a few times! DO NOT let it’s size fool you, this thing works!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!