Urban Combat: Watch out for Ricochets


With the uptick in urban gun play recently by armed felons and assorted morons the martial civilian needs to be aware of the high probability of ricochets regardless if you think you are in a “safe” place or at a “safe” distance.

High powered handguns and rifles and large amounts of asphalt and brick and metal are a bad mix. The cameraman had the right ideal of getting behind a vehicle for cover but if possible get behind the engine block. A big hunk of steel beats a few thin layers of sheet metal, aluminum and plastic any day of the week.

The shooting above occurred in Atlanta at one of the many protest/memorials recently.

The very distinct ‘zing’ of the ricochet and the proceeding hysteria happens around :40.

As a Side Note, Be Self-Sufficient and Know Basic First Aid and Trauma Care!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!