My One and Only Rant about this Bullshit

I have not been writing a lot on what has been happening in this country (and around the world) for the simple fact I have been too busy with more important things: Like gearing up, training my family and tuning my rifles and sidearms.

Besides, the time for TALK is over IMO. These goons have made that clear.

I know this song and dance, in fact I know the playbook these goons are reading from.

But just for shits and giggles, here it goes:

Marxist, Gender confused soy-boy gangs running with black power thugs on an Anti-White crusade all in the name of another “Justice for another black thug” looting extravaganza at Target while spineless elitist liberal cucks in all areas of Government genuflect and pander for the ghetto vote while Hollyweird morally corrupt white elitist liberals crying on Youtube asking blacks to forgive them? Meanwhile in third urban world shit hole land, you have Mayors and city Councils actually agreeing to de-fund the Police and let the Animals run wild in the streets? Good Luck with that. I have a strong suspicion that all those white lib-turd cucks that were so Anti-2A will soon change their minds when their 12 year old daughter or son get’s corn holed by four ghetto zombies on PCP that just got released from prison and decide to do a home invasion “across tha’ tracks.” Hey also some MORE good news for all the White Middle to Upper Class Constituents in the States where these goons looted and burned their own cities to the ground: Your Taxes are going to go UP to pay to rebuild the cities because the black goons that did it don’t pay taxes, most of them are on disability and welfare! Merry Christmas! It’s Clown World, but hey, it’s about equality right! How’s that White Privilege working for you now?

There is a lot going on here, as in who is helping to finance and coordinate this rodeo, I have my strong suspicions but I will table that for now…the real catalyst for all this BS (and it has zilch to do with systemic racism) is it’s an Election Year! The Democrats FEAR Another Four Years of Donald Trump worse than a flaming case of the Clap and know they don’t have a prayer for 2020 (Groping Joe? Gimme a Break) so they are throwing in behind the only thing with a pulse in the DNC, the Far-Left and their “militant” wing ANTIFA .

When November roles around, Let’s see if these assholes allow free elections to proceed unencumbered. If you know anything about Communist and Black Power militants, they are not big on elections and Democracy in general so don’t hold your breath.

The biggest issue as I see it and very few people have talked about this, is that while the LEFT has fielded their version of street thugs with ANTIFA and BLM, the RIGHT has yet to field theirs in any real numbers, and if history is any indication of what it to be expected, I can promise you WHEN it does happen, things are gonna go WESTERN real fast, as in STACKING bodies on the sidewalk fast, and by then there will be ZERO Cops on the street to “mediate” the violence so get ready, the PURGE siren is about to sound, for better or worse.

Just remember this: It’s Guerilla Warfare 101 right now.

Public Opinion is always going to be with the side who has the most legitimacy for their cause. Point being these goons can virtue signal and scream about systemic racism  until they are blue in the face but As long as THEY are the ones looting and burning private property, assaulting and killing police officers and being a general nuisance to an other wise law abiding society, they will not have massive public support and thus their attempted coup will fail in the long run, as it always has.

Until Then, put your attention to things that matter and Stay Dangerous!