Western Rifle Shooting Association Blog Has Been Taken Down

Another Casualty in the War of Truth.

There will be many more that is sure.

Keep your Powder Dry Gents.


Irish just gave me a heads up


I hate to say it but I am surprised it took this long.

WRSA has been a staple for us Patriots for a decade and a half.

As a matter of fact, I started visiting there way, way back, when I was still drinking and when I was just starting to open my eyes. I can and will, give a lot of credit for my getting Woke to Pete.

Make no mistake, this is bad.

It is another casualty that we can’t afford.

I have no idea what Pete’s plans are, if he even has any. Hopefully he saved all of his files.

For those of you who don’t  understand just how important this development is, let me just say that it’s fucking on now.

Information warfare and information sharing is a critical component of the war we are fighting and the fact…

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