Black Looters Attacking White Handicapped Woman

So this is what is REALLY happening in Minneapolis right now folks.

More Black on White Crime Amongst the Looting and Pillaging.

Go Figure.

While the fake media will have you believe these poor, disadvantaged Blacks are protesting because of the “racial” injustice of the Police Force there, the reality is these ghetto felons are going around looting stores, stealing shit and burning down private property just because the weak liberal city hall is letting them and oh yeah, assaulting handicapped white people in wheelchairs too…

The backstory is this brave woman was actually caught in the middle of this ghetto zoo melee and decided to try and be a CITIZEN and actually try and STOP these felons from committing theft, of course the pack of chimps turned on her and being a a TRUE soldier she pulled a knife and tried to stab them and for her trouble she got assaulted (punched in the back of the head) and sprayed with a fire extinguisher.

No word if she actually stabbed or wounded any of these POS…we can only hope so.