Another Democrat Led American City is Burning and being Looted by Blacks, Go Figure

National Guard support requested by city to combat riots in south Minneapolis


VIDEO: Minneapolis Target Looted, Autozone on Fire in George Floyd Protests


So I guess my first Question is what did Target and Auto-Zone do to deserve this?

Did they personally contribute to George Floyd  being killed by the Cops?

The Answer of course is no.

These stores are being looted and burned because this city is filled with an enormous amount of low-class, ghetto, trap-house opportunistic blacks who wanted some free shit.

It’s a Very Typical Story in Modern America Folks.

Remember St. Louis in 2014?

Quick Contemporary American History Lesson:

How many American Cities have been burned and looted in just the last 50 years due to “Civil Unrest” and What racial group was responsible?

Here are the Top 5 since the stats are enormous.

  1. Harlem (New York)

  2. Watts

  3. Detroit

  4. Philadelphia

  5. Chicago

In every instance above BLACKS were to blame for the burning and looting of these cities.

Here is another obscure fact.

After all was said and done, who paid (or rather whose taxes were increased exponentially) to have these cities re-built so the black assholes or their relatives could just do it again in ten years?

It sure wasn’t the welfare laden ghetto blacks who burned it down, no it was the Middle to Upper Class WHITE Neighborhoods who received massive tax increases to finance the re-building in almost ever instance.

So as these black idiots burn down their OWN city consider the historical imperative.

These POS have been doing this for decades because the weak liberal leadership of these cities allow them to do it, and then in typical liberal fashion the City, State and Federal politicians “pass the buck” in terms of financial responsibility of rebuilding the shit hole to the only Demographic who can afford it: WHITES.

Them are the Facts and it’s a Damn Tragedy.

I sincerely Hope some decent men with GUNS join together like they did in 2014 in St. Louis and PROTECT these innocent Businesses from being wantonly destroyed.

It’s their only hope it appears in a World Gone Crazy.