Ferdinands/Elefants on the Eastern Front

Superb piece of WW2 History.

I have mentioned this before, but as a Military Historical Fiction Writer if you have not read The Last Citadel by David L. Robbins about the Battle of Kursk, I HIGHLY Recommend it.


Mike's Research

The Ferdinand Sd.Kfz.184 was a 70 ton panzerjäger (tank hunter) armed with a 88mm Pak 43/2 L/71 main gun and used by the Germans during WWII.    Its combat debut was during Operation Citadel (German: Unternehmen Zitadelle, AKA the Battle of Kursk) in July 1943 where it was misused as a direct assault weapon and suffered heavy losses.


Dr. Ferdinand Porsche submitted a design for a new 45-ton heavy tank, the VK 45.01 (P).    In preparation for production, 100 chassis were built and 9 were used for prototypes.    No spare parts were produced.    During test trails at Berka, Germany, the VK 45.01 (P) competed against the Henschel identically-armed VK 45.01 (H) H1 prototype which proved to be superior in performance.    In October 1942, the two entries were evaluated and the Henschel prototype was accepted for mass production which became the infamous Tiger I tank.


Ferdinand mit 21cm Beutemorse

An early proposal…

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