Armed Citizen Corner: Understanding Combat Accuracy

I have been hearing a lot about “STIMULUS CHECKS” lately.

Here is an ideal: How about we make an effort to “STIMULATE” Our Preparedness and Firearms Training?

Here is an article from the ARCHIVES to Get You Started.



What Is An Acceptable Level of Combat Accuracy (And Do You Measure Up)?

Anybody who has ever fired a weapon in anger in combat and in turn had one fired at them, understands combat accuracy inherently WELL.

Competition shooting and all of its nasty habits and terminology have plagued combat shooting since it’s inception.

I have always stressed to novice shooters the importance of understanding the balance of using Competition shooting to sharpen their Combat Shooting skills.

Using timed evolutions for example to produce stress has always been a great tool.

There is a tendency however early on to focus way too much on shooting the “X” ring” out and/or always measuring your groups.

You have to remind yourself every time you hit the range that you could give a shit about groups.

We are not drilling to bolster our ego and get a trophy, we are, in the words of Fairbarin and Sykes, “Shooting to Live”.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!