Man Bites Dog: Defending Yourself Against Dog Attacks

Man Bites Dog: Defending Yourself Against Dog Attacks


Very Practical/Tactical article that everybody needs to read.

Note: As a Dog Lover (my 3 pound chiweenie companion “Bruiser” is asleep by me as I type this) I want to re-emphasize the author’s note about having to defend yourself against a vicious dog.

NOTE: Dogs are joyful playmates and loyal companions, and anyone who maliciously abuses one is breaking the law. I personally applaud laws like the one in Tennessee that publicly list animal cruelty convicts the same way as sex offenders. But not all dogs are our friends, and in all but six states, dogs that attack humans are subject to euthanization. In most of those states, it’s mandatory. So, if you’re forced to kill a violent canine in self-defense, you aren’t committing a crime; you’re probably expediting the inevitable. These techniques are meant for survival purposes only.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous