“Red Flag” Gun Control Bill To Be Introduced in Texas

New “Red Flag” Gun Control Bills To Be Introduced into Texas


Well it appears the lib-tard anti-gun mentality that has been so prevalent across the country lately has crept into my home State of Texas (via liberal politicians) in the form of several anti-gun bills, one of which is the dreaded draconian “Red Flag” bill.

The bad thing about all these bills is just like every other flagrant infringement of the 2A, they are based on ignorance of the facts and have been framed by liberal anti-gun groups like Texas Gun Sense  as “Reasonable and Sensible Gun Control” and several RINO’s seeking to find the fairy tale “middle ground” in the gun control debate have bought into that lie.

The bottom line is the primary aim of a ERPO is the confiscation of a law abiding citizens firearms based solely on a very low burden of proof. Combine this with the fact of the high cost involved to get back the weapon(s) from the courts and you have a clear cut case of Government infringement of the Constitutional Right “To Keep and Bear Arms.”

If you are a Texan who truly believes in your Fundamental Right to Keep and Bear Arms, I highly urge you to contact your State Representative and State Senator and tell them to vote NO to any and all gun control legislation introduced into the Texas State Legislature.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!