Detroit Passes Its New ‘Bullet Bill’ Tax – Bearing Arms

Once again a Liberal controlled shithole city full of criminals is effecting the ability of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.

Besides being a flagrant INFRINGEMENT of the Second Amendment (TAXING a constitutional right) this also has the secondary effect of driving up the price of reloading supplies…seen it many times before.

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Detroit Passes Its New ‘Bullet Bill’ Tax – Bearing Arms
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When you hear ANY & ALL LEFTIST LIBERALS say their CRAP about “Sensible Gun Laws” RED FLAGS should start flashing in you mind!!

They are FULL of CRAP!

Universal Background checks are ONLY for law abiding citizens!

Criminals lie or pay someone to buy the gun and clear the NCIS check or they steal their guns!!!


Liberal LIES!

Liberal lies!

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