NoGun, Shogun!

Nogun Shogun!


It deeply saddens me to hear that our Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, a Marine General who was once quoted as saying “Be Polite,Be Professional but be Prepared to Kill Everyone you Meet” has officially LOST HIS BALLS.

It appears this once proud Marine Warrior has let the hypocrisy of Washington D.C. seep into his bloodstream to the point that he is in favor of deploying our troops to the southern border UNARMED!

For Proof, take a look at the picture above…see any firearms?

All I see are a pair of wire cutters and empty sidearm holsters….And Not a Single Rifle slung anywhere!!

Sorry to say it, but you just got moved into the “Just Another Worthless Politician” column General Mattis!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!