Bring Enough Brain to the Fight

Just found this blog thanks to Greg over at Active Response Training. Great Read.

tinker talks guns

IMG_0671Gratuitous .45 Picture

‘Bring enough gun to the fight.’ You’ll hear this a lot in self-defense circles. The question is what is ‘enough’ gun? Here’s the rub- nobody knows.  Every instance of self-defense is unique. A tiny .22 Derringer might be enough, or a Glock 17 with three spare mags might not be enough.  The only thing we can know in  for certain in advance is that no gun will never be enough gun.

A gun you don’t have with you when you need it is useless.  A small, easy to conceal gun is more likely to be with you.  The problem is that small guns, while more concealable, can be harder to deploy and shoot accurately.  Small guns are often chosen by people getting their first gun for self-defense because they are easier to hide and less intimidating to them- but they may be exactly the opposite of what they…

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