The Real Cost of Banning Bump Stocks

Tiny West Texas town bears brunt of Bump Stock Ban


Regardless how you feel about “bump-stocks”, one thing remains clear: No device or firearm is “evil” within itself, it is how a PERSON USES IT that makes it either “evil” or “good”.

When all the liberal political grandstanding and virtue signaling is over and done with, the ultimate effect of banning bump stocks will have achieved very little in terms of actually stopping gun violence. What it will do though in effect is wipe out the small Texas town of Moran and have it join the hundreds of other small Texas towns that have become ghost towns virtually overnight due to industry either becoming bankrupt or deciding to leave for better tax breaks.

This is a lose-lose proposition in my humble opinion., and as a Texan I will stand with my fellow Texans from Moran and say NO to any and all  proposed bump stock bans.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!