Hoplophobia in America is Fueled by the Ignorance and Mis-Direction of the Left

Make no mistake about it, Hoplophobia exist in America today because of a dedicated agenda by Liberals to convince people that Firearms are INTRINSICALLY evil and counter-productive to a stable society. One of the ways in which this is done is through the media’s and leftist pundits PURE IGNORANCE AND MISLEADING STATEMENTS  about firearms in general.

A great example of this is a hilarious article in Ammoland by Duncan Johnson titled Instagram vs CNN’s #FullSemiAutomatic AR-15I think the title tells you all you need to know about this, but just to make it clear:

There is no Such Thing as a “Full Semi-Automatic AR-15” folks! 

What these morons at CNN are TRYING to do is confuse people with wordplay, a very typical SJW/Leftist-Marxist tactic used for centuries with great effect on the sheeple masses. The Word “Full” here is very often associated with what people hear in terms regarding a MACHINE GUN or “FULLY” AUTOMATIC WEAPON. 

That has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with a Semi-Automatic AR-15.  Simple enough?

Another story that exhibits this willful ignorance and manipulation comes from a piece in National Review that discusses how the Parkland School shooter, Nikolas Cruz, DID NOT use High Capacity Magazines in the AR-15 he used to murder seventeen innocent people. Now what makes this story so interesting is immediately after the shooting, in typical liberal fashion, demands were made to BAN not only “Assault Weapons”  (which is another grossly inaccurate term meant to confuse the argument) but also High-Capacity Magazines right along with it. Why is that? Because in the pathology of the anti-gun liberal mind, high-capacity magazines are just as responsible for gun violence as “Assault Weapons” regardless if they were actually used in the commission of the crime discussed. The same thing is applicable at the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, which occurred during both the “Assault Weapons Ban” and the “High Capacity Magazine” Ban.

Make Sense?  Of course not! But Logic and Reason are irrelevant here because we are living in a Post-Modern world where FEELINGS and EMOTION outweigh COMMON SENSE.

Please, Spread the Word and Make Common Sense Common Again!

Stay informed and Stay Dangerous!