Double-Blind (Chapter V)

A Modern Crime Novelette





Camp Inferno

Reyes sat blindfolded with his arms and legs zip-tied to a chair.”This is getting to be too fucking familiar” he said to himself. Two hours ago he had been at the D.E.A. safe house when his burner got a text. Logan needed to talk to him about a change in plans. Kessler did not like letting him go without a tail or a GPS tracker, but he had no choice. These guys were way too smart for any of that. Besides, Reyes was expendable. It was worth the risk letting him go to get one step closer to these guys. He hoped, anyways.

Logan removed the blindfold. Reyes shook his head and blinked several times waiting for his vision to adjust. “Where am I?” he asked. “The end of the road.” Logan replied, staring at him through his Oakleys. Reyes looked around. Besides Logan there was another man there. Not the driver but a guy he had seen in the pictures Kessler had showed him. “So, Captain Reyes, here is how this is gonna work. I am gonna ask some questions and you are going to answer truthfully. If I feel you are not being 100% honest, my associate here, Mr. Tarzan, is going to have some fun with this table full of tools over there…” Reyes glanced at the man and then at the table full of power tools. He knew right away he was fucked. “So first question: How long have you been an informant for the D.E.A.?” Logan asked. Reyes’ heart began thumping in his chest and he became nauseous. Tarzan picked up a pair of needle nose pliers. “Jesus en la’ Cruz! It’s not what you think!” Reyes exclaimed. He was beginning to sweat so bad it began dripping off him like he had just taken a bath. “OK, so explain to me, in detail…” Reyes took a breath. “The girl I was with that day, Jasmine, they had gotten to her. She drugged me and the next thing I know the D.E.A. is asking me questions.” Tarzan kneeled down at Reyes feet. “You really should take better care of your feet their Captain.” Tarzan touched Reyes’ toes with the pliers. Reyes begin to whimper like a child. “Look, I swear to Christ that is the first time I had ever talked to them…” Tarzan looked up at Reyes and then over at Logan. Logan nodded. Tarzan jabbed the serrated edge of the needle nose pliers underneath the big toenail and then clamped down on it and ripped it out. Reyes yelled out in pain. “Oh dios me ayude!” Reyes jerked against the zip ties as terrible, searing pain pulsed through his body. Tarzan stood back and held up the bloody nail for him to see and then tossed it in the garbage. After a few minutes of Reyes crying. Logan spoke up. “OK, so let’s start over. Obviously you did not understand the rules.” Reyes interrupted him. “Logan, look, I swear to Christ. I had not talked to the D.E.A. before four days ago, Why would I? I was doing fine. You think I want to fucking cross the cartels!” Logan took off his glasses and stared at Reyes. He gestured with his head for Tarzan to back off. Reyes took a deep breath of relief. “OK then, so them seeking you out specifically was just blind luck? Come on Reyes! You know how that sounds!” Reyes shook his head. “No, of course it was not blind luck. The Federal Police is full of snitches. Somebody ratted me out.” Logan put his glasses back on. “And you led them straight to us.” Logan motioned for Tarzan to continue. Tarzan smiled he was getting to play again and picked up an electric grinder. Reyes’ eyes got big. “Jesus! No! Not on purpose! Look, the D.E.A. knows all about what you guys are doing OK? Some former spook who works for them now told them yesterday.” Logan stood up when he heard that. He moved Tarzan out-of-the-way and squatted down so he was eye level with Reyes. “And what is it exactly that we are doing Captain?” Reyes gave a smirk. “Helping Consolidate the Cartels of course. Instead of seven or eight cartels fighting for control, there will be one cartel divided into several areas. One cartel, one boss.” Logan stood back up and looked over at Tarzan. Both men had a look of utter confusion. What was this crooked cop playing at? Reyes noticed the look on their faces. What the hell? They looked as if they truly were confused. What the fuck was going on?

Logan took Tarzan by the arm and walked over to the other side of the trailer. “What the fuck is that crazy spick talking about!” Logan said, wide eyed. Tarzan placed his hand on his shoulder.”Brother, relax. The guy is scared and is just spouting off crazy bullshit in an attempt to get us to stall taking him apart piece by piece. I’ve seen it a hundred times before.” Logan shook his head. “No, that is not what that is. That sounds to me like he is serious.” Tarzan laughed. “Look man, I know you have not had as much experience with interrogation as me, but a drowning man will do ANYTHING to stay alive. It’s a survival instinct. Let me continue working on him and you will see.” Tarzan turned to go back and Logan stopped him. “Wait. Let me talk to him first. Go over to the shoot house with Jolt and Luis or something.” Logan walked around the trailer to find Reyes praying. “Have you suddenly found God Captain?” Logan asked. “Well, either that or I hope he finds me, Pronto!” Reyes replied, half smiling, still in pain. Logan walked over to the table and opened up a first aid kit and took out some anti-biotic and a band-aid. Kneeling down he took out his knife. Reyes began fidgeting in his chair. “Relax, I am not going to hurt you.” He cut the zip tie and began doctoring Reyes’ toe. “Thank you.” Reyes said with a tear in his eye. Logan walked behind him and cut the zip-tie on his wrist as well.  Logan then walked over to the cooler and got a cold bottle of water and handed it to him. Reyes downed the water in one go. “Muchas gracias.” Logan grabbed a beer out of the cooler and sat down across from him. After a few minutes, Reyes spoke up. “So let me ask you a question Logan. Why did you guys act so damn surprised when I told you what I had overheard? Isn’t that what you have been doing?” Logan smiled and took a long drink. “Let’s put it this way Captain, It appears you are not the only one getting played .” Reyes look at Logan funny. “What do you mean?” Logan shook his head. “I probably should not tell you this but who gives a shit now. We were hired to jack loads of CJNG coke so the CIA could sell it on the black market and buy weapons and material to fight ISIS.” Reyes’ eyes got big. “What the hell? That’s what those assholes told you!” Logan nodded his head. Both men began laughing. “Unbelievable!” Reyes exclaimed. Logan stood up and began pacing. “And all the while what I was really doing instead of fighting terrorism was expanding the global drug trade!” Reyes shook his head. “Well, I am not innocent in that regard either Mr. Chandler.” Logan stopped pacing and realized what Reyes was saying. “Oh Hell Captain, I know that, but at least you are honest about what you do. Yeah, you are corrupt and help the cartels, but my employer had to lie to me to get me to do this shit! I would have never agreed to do it if I had known the truth!” Reyes nodded his head. “I understand where you are coming from. It’s a matter of principle.” Logan stared at Reyes for a long minute and pondered how strange it was to hear that word come from the lips of a man like Reyes.

Instead of going over to the shoot house with Jolt and Luis, Tarzan had stayed put on the other side of the trailer and had heard every word of the conversation between Reyes and Logan. Confused about what to do next, he stepped away and retrieved his cell phone and battery and called McRay. After Tarzan had given McRay the cliff-notes version of events, McRay had to make a command decision. Since he had been discovered in his scheme he had to do two things quickly: Justify his Actions and Eliminate the Problem, which in this case and at this point in time, was Logan and Reyes. McRay quickly got to work on the first part. “Tarzan you need to understand I was under orders from the top brass to keep this operation under wraps. It is of vital national importance that we get the cartel situation in Mexico sorted, do you understand where I am coming from son?” Tarzan hesitated to agree. He hated being lied to, especially when it involved killing people. He would much rather have had the whole truth before going into this job. Still, this was the C.I.A. we were talking about, not fucking Sears and Roebuck. “Yes, I understand Sir.” Tarzan replied with military bearing. “Good, Good. Glad to hear it. You think Jolt and Luis will be as understanding?” Tarzan hesitated. “Well, I can talk to them sir…” Tarzan felt a knot in his stomach forming. “Good. I will leave that up to you to convince them. In the mean time, Chandler and Reyes need to meet with a terrible accident.” There was dead silence on the line. “Say Again Sir?” Tarzan’s heart began thumping like a rabbit. “They know too much and are not on-board with the Operation, I know it’s a tough call, but it has to be done.” Tarzan’s mouth got dry and his stomach was turning flips. “Tell you what Chris, I know this is a tough thing to ask, so I will add $250K to your paycheck and get you on-board full-time, how does that sound?” Tarzan was amazed. The man’s tone was calm and measured, as if he was ordering a pizza. There was a long moment of Silence on the line and then, as if Tarzan was watching himself in a tragic play, he answered. “Yes sir, you can count on me.”

When McRay hung up the phone he reached in his coat pocket and pulled out a burner with a red dot sticker on the back. He pressed the #2 to speed dial the only number programmed into it. After three rings a young American female voice answered. “Doctor Kellerman’s Office.” “Yes I need to make an appointment for 1pm on Tuesday ” There was silence on the line, then a series of clicks. A male voice came on. “Number of targets?” McRay did some quick math. Even though Tarzan signed on he would eventually be a liability. “Five.” More silence. “Location?” McRay opened his laptop and signed into his encrypted email. A tech in Langley had already triangulated Tarzan’s location from their short chat. “Location is Known. GPS coordinates to follow.”

Sliding his phone into his pocket, Tarzan took a deep breath and then casually walked over to his trailer. He suited up and grabbed the suppressed MP-7, some extra mags and two grenades. Before walking out, he wrote a quick email as he took one last look at a picture of his daughter taped to the wall. The jagged border of the picture where he had cut out his ex-wife reminded him of the night several years ago when, after a few drinks he had decided to “drunk dial” his ex. The conversation was short. “Just think of us as dead and gone. That’s how we think of you” then she hung up.

The email was short and simple, addressed to his lawyer in Panama.

Mr. Victorio:

I hereby assign you as EXECUTOR of my estate.

Please see that the balance of my two offshore accounts including ALL of my stocks, bonds and property are placed into a trust and go to my only daughter, Rachel L. Bell.


Chris Bell

When Tarzan came out of his trailer he was met by Jolt and Luis who had just finished up in the shoot house. “Hey just the guy’s I need to talk too…” Tarzan said smiling nervously.

When Logan came around the corner from the Lounge and saw Tarzan standing there fully kitted up and armed talking in an animated fashion to Luis and Jolt he got a really bad feeling. As he began walking toward them he began asking himself questions. “Why is Tarzan armed?” “Why does he look nervous?” and as he got closer the big question he hated to ask but had to:  “What if McRay already got to him somehow?” Fifty yards away Tarzan looked up and saw Logan coming. Logan smiled but Tarzan did not. Suddenly Luis yelled out “Logan, watch out!” At that point Luis went to draw his Glock, but Tarzan was so close he fouled his draw and the fight was on. As Tarzan and Luis clinched up, Jolt took off in a sprint, heading for the Little Bird. Logan was running toward them now with laser focus, looking like a Linebacker getting ready to make an open field tackle. As Logan was lowering his shoulder for the hit, a gunshot rang out. A pink mist blew up into the air like a geyser as the top of Luis’ head was blown away, his lifeless body dropping with a thud. Logan came to a screeching halt just ten yards away. Tarzan quickly spun around, his face splashed with blood. Pieces of skull and brain had lodged in his thick beard making him look like some crazed viking fresh from battle. The sound of the little bird’s rotors began to hum loudly as Jolt quickly got the helo into the air. With Tarzan distracted, Logan thought about going for the bloody Glock in his right hand but quickly realized Tarzan had the drop on him. A broad smile spread across Tarzan’s face. Logan watched as the massive tendons and muscles began to constrict in his right arm as Tarzan brought the Glock up to fire. Logan’s only move was to close the distance as fast as he could and hope the vest protected him. Logan lunged for the gun.

Suddenly Logan’s face felt wet and something gritty was in his eyes, blinding him. “Son-of-a-bitch!” Logan stopped in his tracks. Fully expecting to be shot, he reached out but felt nothing, no Tarzan, no gun. Bringing his hand up to his face, Logan wiped blood and bone matter from his eyes, all the time thinking “Am I Shot? Is this my blood?” Finally able to see, Logan’s vision came into focus and that question was answered. There on the ground beside Luis was Tarzan with his head almost completely blown away. As Logan stood there dumbfounded a voice came from behind him. “I have not shot a rifle since like forever. Amazing I was able to make that head shot!”  Logan spun around to see Reyes with a huge smile on his face, an HK 416 in his hands. “Muchas Gracias Captain.” Logan said, taking a breath.  As both men stood there, trying to process what had just happened, the familiar buzz of the Little Bird broke the silence. Suddenly, Logan remembered Jolt was airborne and he was not sure which side he was on. “Cover, Reyes Now!” Logan yelled. Both men bolted for the nearest cover, which was underneath one of the trailers. Just as they were diving underneath the trailer Jolt passed over them, flying so low Logan felt the prop wash. As they were both laying there catching their breath the radio clipped to Logan’s vest came alive. “Hey Chandler what you running around like a scared rabbit for?” Logan smiled. “Wasn’t sure what side you were on partner. I am sure McRay made you a tempting offer via Tarzan.” Logan could hear Jolt laughing over the radio. “Hell I ain’t gonna lie to you brother, I thought about it. But the way I look at it, a man gotta have some things he does not put a price tag on.” Logan smiled and shook his head. “How much did that bastard offer you to kill us?” “One-Hundred Thousand.” Jolt replied. “Man, I though I would be worth more than that!” Logan joked, smiling. “For your southern-fried redneck ass! Hell, I would have taken fifty!” Jolt replied laughing. Reyes got Logan’s attention. “Hey, you can bullshit with your buddy later, right now tell him to come pick us up!” Logan laughed. “Hey I got a pissed off Mexican down here, you better come pick us up.” Jolt could be heard laughing over the radio. “Roger that, on my way.”

Jolt landed a few minutes later and after Logan collected a few things him and Reyes loaded up on the helo. Before shutting the door Logan gave one last look at the bodies of Luis and Tarzan. “Damn shame about Luis. that is no way for a warrior to die.” Jolt said over their headset. “Yeah, he deserved better.” Logan said. As they lifted off Logan kept his eyes on the bodies of the two men he called brothers. “I can’t believe Tarzan tried to sell us out man, what an asshole.” Jolt said flipping the bird as they passed. Logan did not reply. “So where to Logan?” Jolt asked. “Panama. I got some friends down there that can help us all disappear.” Jolt gave a thumbs up and turned the chopper South. “You really think we can hide from the CIA?” Reyes asked. “We are gonna try.” Logan said. Suddenly a loud alarm went off on the control panel. “What the hell is that!” Logan asked. “Radar Lock! Somebody is locking on to us!” Jolt asked as he jerked the stick up trying to evade. “Locking on to us with what!” Reyes asked. “Anti-Aircraft!” Jolt said as he jerked the stick left this time trying another evasive maneuver. The helicopter jerked wildly in the sky, left then right, up, then down. But the missile just kept on coming. The missile impacted into the rear of the helicopter, just aft of the engine. They never saw nor heard it when it hit.  The little bird helicopter exploded into several pieces eight miles from Camp Inferno, killing all aboard.

The man who had fired the Stinger missile admired the fireball in the sky for a few seconds and then un-shouldered the launcher assembly and calmly walked over and placed it in the back of the waiting SUV. After closing the hatch he walked around and got in the passenger seat. “Did we Get all of them?” McRay asked from the back seat. The man turned around in his seat and in a crisp military tone replied “Yes Sir. Three Tango’s Down.” McRay put the phone to his ear “Yes Mr. Morales, all our loose ends have been tied up.” After hanging up the phone McRay tapped the driver. “Let’s get out of here.” As the driver put the vehicle in gear McRay looked out the window at the burning wreckage on the horizon. Just as he was about to feel some type of pity or remorse his phone chimed. It was a notification from his offshore bank that a wire transfer had been completed. McRay opened up the screen to read the amount. Ten Million US Dollars. Suddenly McRay forgot all about the burning wreckage behind them and smiled at the bright future that lay ahead.


The End.