Today Somebody Broke The Internet For A While


Today’s Brutal DDoS Attack Is the Beginning of a Bleak Future

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To sum it up folks, today somebody broke the internet for a period of time over large parts of the United States. I have my suspicions as to WHO but I won’t go into that right now until I have more proof. As for now, a few things that we as preppers and martial citizens should understand:

  1. Expect this to Happen much more frequently and for longer periods of time until eventually somebody breaks the Internet for a month or more. And when I say “break” I mean totally non-functioning. Do I have to go into detail on the long term effects of this?
  2. DDoS Attacks combined with certain other tech-comm events (like the taking out of certain satellite comms) are often a prelude to War. If you look back at when Russia invaded Ukraine, DDoS attacks were widespread in order to control the flow of information.
  3. The targeting and use of the IoT or Internet of Things is very telling and certainly a harbinger of things to come as cyber-jedi Brian Krebs explains.

I am no cyber wizard but I do know when things eventaully go South (and I think we are close to that happening) it will most likely begin with something just like this.

Stay On your Toes, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!



3 thoughts on “Today Somebody Broke The Internet For A While

  1. The targeting of the IoT tells us that we need to not let companies in the future manufacture cheap electronics that a) can in some scenarios connect to the Internet and b) have default, non-changeable passwords. Even for devices like WiFi routers where you can change the password, how may people out there never bother?

    It is not the Eot (End of Things) but rather a wake up call for manufacturing easily hacked devices by the millions. We live in a much more complicated world than we used to and we will no doubt have many more surprises to be surprised by, and eventually to overcome.

    Believe it or not there are a lot of very, very bright people working to mitigate the hackers (either private, or government employed).

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