Get The Facts: Know Your History Regarding Martial Law


The Cycle of Civil Unrest & Martial Law

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Conspiracy Theories regarding the use of martial law by the US Government abound. Every where you turn somebody is talking about it right now, and for good reason.

As a historian, I always look back to the ACTUAL historical record on a subject to get my information and folks, I gotta tell you, the Historical record in America regarding the US Government and martial law is disgusting.

The most sobering fact is this one: Martial Law DOES NOT have to be declared for US Military force to be used on American Citizens.  Don’t Believe me? It happened as recently as 1932 in an incident known as the Bonus Army where US Army troops were set loose on U.S. Veterans and their families.

When you think about it, The fact that the entire might of the U.S Military can be used on AMERICAN CITIZENS with only Congressional approval is the real crux of the matter. Why? As the article states:

Congress could authorize the military to be called out once again and used to KILL Americans without a declaration of martial law. They just do it. There is no appeal from death. The right to habeas corpus would not be implicated if they are killing citizens rather than incarcerating them.

Get the Facts and Be Prepared!

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