Farnam Quips: Training Should Always Reveal Flaws


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When we train, regardless if it is with tools (firearms, knives, sticks) or not, our training should reveal our flaws; either in actual technique, mentality or gear.

Revealing flaws in our gear and how we “load out” with our rigs to fight is something I can tell you from experience can not only make your life easier but also be LIFE SAVING.

In training with your rifle load out, ask yourself these questions frequently:

  • Does my rig allow me to move quickly?
  • Does my rig allow me to reload quickly?
  • Is my rig relatively “quiet” or do I sound like a coke can filled with rocks when I move?
  • Is my rig “flexible” in all fighting Positions? (ie sitting, prone, one knee)
  • Does my rig hinder my ability to take cover?
  • Can I access my trauma/med kit quickly and easily?

The part about “Military Costume Play” is so true.

So often guys buy gear and dress themselves up and their firearms not from a practical fighting perspective, but because they are trying to look like the latest tacti-cool douchebag on the cover of Soldier of Fortune.

Come on guys.

Remove your head from your rear orifice and get PRACTI-COOL, NOT TACTI-COOLin your Training!


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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