Civilian Operator 101: Preparing for a Possible Kidnapping

I have not talked a whole lot about Kidnappings or Attempted Kidnappings for a while now simply because Active Shooters scenarios have taken precedence as of late.

But the fact remains, the CO in order to stay realistic in their training, needs to understand that KIDNAPPINGS are still a very viable THREAT. Regardless if you have small children or not, being able to recognize the warning signs could save an innocent child’s life one day.

Take this recent INCIDENT in Houston, Texas, where in broad daylight in a grocery store, a man attempted to snatch a child from a grocery cart.

Notice how the guy once discovered, tried to play it off very innocently to the mother. Can you say CREEP!!

The main thing I want you guys to learn from this scenario is this: Once somebody actually HAS PHYSICAL CONTROL OF YOUR CHILD, your options get really slim, really fast.

In addition to practicing good situational awareness, here are a few more tips:

  • If the child is an infant, ALWAYS strap them into the car seat or carrier when out in public. The more restraints, the better!
  • In a grocery store if your child is in a carrier, always keep the child in FRONT of you where you have eyes on them, never LEAVE the buggy unattended, even for a second. (I think it states that on the cart itself!)
  • As a Woman alone or with a child in a store in public, if a man is making you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, be VOCAL about it. Draw Attention to the situation ASAP. Better to be RUDE than DEAD!

Side Note: I DO NOT recommend women with infants or toddlers carry OC Spray. If you have to carry some type of non-lethal, go with a tazer or stun gun. OC Spray even when sprayed directly at an attackers face, due to wind or other variables, can have  residual effects on by-standers vision and breathing. Even in small amounts, OC can cause serious respiratory distress in infants and toddlers.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!



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