Future Warfare: Russia’s Plan To Weaponize Cell Phone Towers


The Kremlin Plans to Turn Cell Phone Towers Into Cruise Missile Jammers

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3 thoughts on “Future Warfare: Russia’s Plan To Weaponize Cell Phone Towers

  1. It could hinder guidance however, the weapon will still be a SCUD-type threat, or V-2-type threat, to anything, where it could fall on barren land, or, a target called, “To Whom It May Concern”.
    Those missiles (ICBM and SLBM) maintain ability to destroy vast areas with blast coverage.

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    How will America use the ones scattered across our nation? I have been to many Board of Supervisor meetings where the erecting of cell phone towers was being debated not only for aesthetic reasons but for warfare concerns.


    “At the present time, the tests of the item have been completed and the system has been accepted into the inventory,” a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman told the Izvestiya newspaper.
    Izvestiya noted the system “is integrated with the transmission and reception antennas that are installed on cellular communications towers, which are merged into a single network, which covers entire regions like a dome that is impenetrable for satellite navigation signals.”
    Russia mounting jammers on cell towers is unusual, but the underlying military logic is reasonable. As it stands, the United States possesses a large disparity in cruise missiles, drones and guidance systems, such as GPS. Russia has its own satellite navigation system known as GLONASS.

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