Military Weapons From the Past: Weapons Of The Spanish Civil War


Weapons of the Spanish Civil War

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Excellent resource with some great links for those of you interested in this subject.

For an overview of a war that has been often called “The Practice Run for WW2” by some historians, I highly recommend Antony Beevor’s The Battle for Spain.

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One thought on “Military Weapons From the Past: Weapons Of The Spanish Civil War

  1. Rifles were not the greatest, and if they had better, it would have accounted for something. I owned an 1897 Spanish Mauser 7x57mm. The caliber was sweet, but too many things wrong with the rifle and despite having put another $300.00 into the rifle for modern things, it still had problems, so I gave it away to the gunshop and they placed it on display.

    (A) Cock on close. Heavy spring.
    (B) Balloon-Head bolt face. Modern ammo primer back out of the pocket.
    (C) Two-Stage trigger; Very heavy.
    (D) Firing Pin, too heavy, ad slow lock time.
    (E) Gas Port, hissing with modern ammo, reduced loads.
    (F) Barrelled action fit to stock. A complete joke.
    (G) Trigger Guard, way too thick and edges, sharp.
    (H) Ladder rear sight, a total farce. V-notch could fit an elephant and 12″ MOA.

    If the Spaniards would have had M98 Mausers, it might have resulted in greater losses for the Germans and for Franco. A family friend was in the Spanish Civil War and lost an eye, but he rarely talked about any of it. He came to America.

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