Prepping 101: Bugging Out on Foot


Tactical Walking Tips For Bugging Out On Foot

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Some tactical security considerations for Bugging out on foot.

The only thing I would re-emphasize is regardless if you are alone or travelling in a group, always maintain 360 Degree Security when walking. This means constantly scanning behind you.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

7 thoughts on “Prepping 101: Bugging Out on Foot

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  2. So many will die if they try to hoof it into the boon-docks.
    Hypothermia, hyperthermia if too hot, bad water, little food, no meds, poor cover, bugs and really peed off wildlife, and the dangers of a couple of thousand others all after the one jack rabbit that dares to show it’s ears.

    Or is that the ex-spurts plan? To resupply from all that abandoned kit just lying around.

    Some people are under the illusion (spread by ex-spurts who should know better) that once they make the woods they’ll be safe from everything. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    So here’s one for the ex-spurts.
    What actually are YOUR PERSONAL plans to bug out on foot in a hot CBRN scenario or your plans if a CBRN event occurs DURING your ‘on foot’ bug out?

    Once you are out in the open you are so vulnerable to all sorts of things your mother (aka the ex-spurts) have neglected to tell you about and weekend camping can’t possibly have prepared you for.

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