World War II History: Normandy Tank Museum Selling Off Inventory


For Sale: D-Day Tanks and Equipment

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When I read things like this as an historian it makes me a bit sad. These are tangible pieces of American Military history and they belong in a place where the public can enjoy them, and future generations can have VISIBLE, TANGIBLE ways to re-connect with the past. They belong in a MUSEUM, not a private collector’s basement.

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6 thoughts on “World War II History: Normandy Tank Museum Selling Off Inventory

      • I’m surprised, because I associate the Normandy landings as representing some of the finest actions of US soldiery anywhere, ever. This collection should be in a dedicated North American D-Day museum.

      • Agreed. Why the WW2 Museum in New Orleans has not tried to obtain these pieces is beyond me. What is really bad to me is the Tank Museum in Normandy has only been open since 2013, why in the world did it take that long to open it and then only be open for 3 measly years? Sad.

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