Civilian Operator 101: Training with the Knife for Counter-Terrorism


The use of the knife as a Terrorist weapon has been brought to the forefront with the numerous recent attacks in the U.S., Europe and Israel. But something that has not been discussed openly is the Civilian Operator using the Knife as as both a Offensive and Defensive Weapon AGAINST the terrorist when a sidearm is not an option for whatever reason, either because of a disarm or a non-permissive environment.

An Article I wrote three years ago called Combative Knife Simplicity I think sums up the best course of training and action for the civilian operator in this case. Regardless of the threat, the response is the same.

Most knife training taught in the U.S. is defensive in nature and rarely ventures into the legally murky waters of the OFFENSIVE side of things. Even when an offensive technique is taught, it is taught in a way that you DISABLE the attackers ability to harm you (sever the tendons and nerves in the hand/arm that enable him to hold a knife, pipe or gun) versus just teaching you to stab him in the neck and face or maybe go prison yard rules and sewing machine shank him in the liver and kidneys 50 times.

Listen I learned a LONG time ago that if you always concern yourself with being “politically correct and legally afraid of doing the wrong thing” in matters of self-defense, then you might as well spend your time pre-planning your funeral and picking out a casket instead of hitting the range or the mat! We are talking about matters of life and death here, the most serious issue there is! Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6, Correct?

When you train with a knife you need to forget all this “knife fighting” nonsense. There is no such thing as a “knife fight” only a Knife killing! And if that term bothers you, that is a good sign you have been thinking and training in Hollywood “Fantasy Land” when it comes to matters of using a knife in a realistic self-defense situation.

Your drills need to focus on offensive tactics that effectively and quickly incapacitate an attacker’s body, NOT just his ability to wield a weapon.. The best way to do this is by using Combative knife attacks which focus on stabbing and cutting organs and main arteries. Stay away from in-depth technique laden knife methods. Keep it Simple. Sharp, Pointy Things combined with ruthlessness and Violence of Action. Combatives stresses DIRECT LINES of attack. So with a knife, the quicker the knife goes from the sheath to the opponents flesh, the better.

Two things I am big on when I train is staying REALISTIC to the threat I face by having the correct MENTALITY and also using a simple system or approach that will NOT totally collapse under the STRESS and CHAOS of combat.

This is why for many years I have used the Combative Continuum concept to ensure regardless of what I have or DO NOT have in my hand, I can defend myself effectively.

“One Mind, Any Weapon.”

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

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