Rant Corner: The Race Baiters are now after “Don’t Tread On Me”!!


I promised to keep Political rants to a minimum I know but when I saw this article I just saw RED.

Understand even as ridiculous as this case is legally, as the author points out: Where does stuff like this end?

If we are not careful, The Gadsen “Don’t Tread on Me” Flag will end up with the same fate as the Confederate Flag.

In a previous article titled Damnatio Memoriae, I showed how these liberal race baiters attempted to ERASE some of our most cherished Southern history and Confederate Leaders from the pages of history. Will the same fate befall Christopher Gadsen and the Don’t Tread on Me Flag? If we Don’t Speak Up, it surely will.

Just like with the History behind the Confederate Flag,The Gadsen Don’t Tread on Me Flag has NOTHING to do with RACE but EVERYTHING to do with KEEPING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OFF YOUR FRONT PORCH AND OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS!

It makes one wonder if that is the real driving force behind this racist liberal assault? Are they using Race as the Political Fuel to try to shut the mouths of those in the Constitutionalist Camp? Well I got news for them, they are gonna have to try harder than this.

As I have always said, If you want to try to play the “character assassination” game with American Patriots like Christopher Gadsen, then let’s dig up Martin Luther Kings REAL History as a moral hypocrite who paraded around as a Baptist Minister but who in reality was a rabid adulterer?  Or How about the racist black militant and hero of the BLM movement, Malcolm X? A felon and former dope addict who on numerous occasions threatened to shoot and kill American Law Enforcement in the street like the “pigs they are”. Judging from the tragedies in Dallas and Baton Rouge last month, this is not too different than the current BLM modus operandi.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Do NOT allow this Travesty and Perversion of Justice to Continue. Speak Up and Speak Out Against it.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed And Stay Dangerous!

The Tactical Hermit Signing Off.

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