Examining Terrorist Tactics: TATP and the New Breed of Homemade Explosive Devices


By Hammerhead

It appears the Homemade Explosive Device that detonated in Central Park over the 4th of July Weekend was indeed made with TATP.

The actuating trigger on the device was a pressure sensitive plate, which leads me to believe this WAS NOT a hobbyist left behind experiment, but an actual IED booby trap left behind by a TERRORIST for a cop or civilian to step on.

TATP has a long and bloody history when it comes to being used in Terrorism.

This begs the question how do we as Civilian Operators avoid being victims of such nefarious devices?


Be Aware of your surroundings at ALL times.

Do you remember that show the Electric Company back in the day? They had this bit on their called “One of these Things Don’t Belong” Basically it was an exercise to teach kids about conformity (and non-conformity). They would have like 4 dudes with red shirts and one guy with a blue shirt and then everybody would sing a little song like “Which one of these People Don’t Belong?”. Yeah Cheesy, I know. But when you are like 5 years old Television does not have to be mind-blowing to be effective…..just look at what Kid’s watch today….Good Lord!

My point in telling you that retarded story is as CO’s, we have to be AWARE of our surroundings in a manner that NOTICES things that are OUT OF PLACE. WHY? Because IED’s (like the pressure cookers that the Boston Bomber Tsaranev brothers placed in a backpack and the sack with the TATP Explosive in it in Central Park) when looked at from the perspective of “WHICH OF THESE THINGS LOOKS OUT OF PLACE? Should set off alarm bells and red lights in your head.

We have got to come to the conclusion folks that with each Terrorist attack that happens, our AWARENESS and DANGER level should automatically go up a notch. Maybe before the Boston Bombings a lone backpack sitting on the sidewalk or in  a trash can would not raise any concerns, NOW in 2016, it should send off Major Alarms! Maybe before the Central Park Explosion on the 4th of July, a Lone Sack sitting on some rocks should not raise any concern at all, NOW, present day, It should be AVOIDED like the Plague! Contact Law Enforcement of it’s location and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!

Things are Getting BAD out there folks, Time to get Serious about Your Safety!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!



4 thoughts on “Examining Terrorist Tactics: TATP and the New Breed of Homemade Explosive Devices

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  2. This is a classic example of the “news” that you need to publish. Not only is it news, but it is extremely relevant to the keeping “left of bang” mental process that your readers need to adopt and practice. Every day there are headlines that bear analysis to determine the value of their “real” lessons. Mainstream media is only interested in their agenda and shock value, so somebody has to add depth and real meaning to the stories. That is something that you do quite well, and it just as valuable if not more so than the dedicated prepper-type narrative standing alone.

    One suggestion: With articles such as this, why not include links to online resources or books that help instruct the user in ways to avoid such threats?

    Thank you for all that you do.

    • I appreciate the feedback, and typically I do post more links and references when I do an article, but with this one I got the info kind of on the fly and typed it up pretty quickly. I really feel that there is time element with this kind of material…things are happening fast right now regarding terrorist threats and I really feel something BIG is going to happen here in the U.S., so I am trying to get that information out there as fast as I can but at the same time be as packed with info as possible. I think what I will do is start a SUGGESTED READING page for Counter-Terrorism type subjects to give you guys a “STICKY” to refer back to.

      Stay Dangerous!

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