Crusader Corner: Leftist Islamo-Christian Pastor Behind BLM in Dallas

One has only to start digging a little to see what BLM is really all about. Don’t be fooled folks. -SF


The hard-Left Islamochristian “Rev.” Jeff Hood wrote this in November 2015:

When Jesus bound his body and ultimately became the stranger in Matthew 25:35, he left no doubt that he was calling us to do the same. Since the Paris attacks, Muslims have been strangerized over and over. From calls for registration to violent language around refugees, the rhetoric has grown worse and worse with every day. Jesus is bound to the stranger. Jesus becomes the stranger. In our Islamophobic society, I have no question that Jesus is so intimately incarnated with and connected to our Muslim friends that he has become one. If we want to walk with Jesus in this moment of extreme oppression and marginalization, we will too.


With his Salafi beard, Hood certainly has a distinctly Islamic look, even down to the scrupulous avoidance of isbaal or Wearing a garment past the ankles:


Could his call to Leftist Christians to accept Islam include an acceptance of the violence that is manifested in Islamic jihad attacks, and at the Dallas anti-police protest that Hood led?

More background on the hate-filled “Rev.” Jeff Hood: “Meet the Leftist Reverend Behind the Dallas Black Lives Matter Protest,” by Jen Lawrence, Breitbart, July 8, 2016:

The lead organizer of the Dallas protest where snipers opened fire on police officers has made several disturbing comments on his social media. A Breitbart News review of Jeff Hood’s internet footprint revealed regular posts about the apocalypse, violent retribution to police, and Hood even recently posted about the 2013 death of a self proclaimed “social justice warrior” who committed suicide by lighting himself on fire in front of a shopping mall in Texas.

Video of Hood speaking on camera just after the attack surfaced on social media where Hood talks about “leading the protest.”…

Breitbart Texas’ Brandon Darby tweeted about protest organizer Jeff Hood wanting to “create a space for anger and rage” at the Dallas protest….

Reverend Hood closely follows police shootings and state executions and regularly prays for divine retribution for police, like this post in response to a police shooting in Dallas from April 24, 2015:

For now, the blood of black men will continue to roll down driveways, streets and sidewalks with impunity. However, God is not mocked. The judgment is coming. Those police who continue to spill the blood of black men will be held accountable…for black blood matters just as much as any other blood to God.

Also, this post from May 11, 2015:

“The police are always prepared for a gunfight. We shouldn’t be surprised when they actually get one.”…

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